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The juices that you make are absolutely the best! My wife and I especially love your Concord Grape juice. No other grape juice even comes close in quality and taste. It has the most healthy and wonderful taste. It also has a beautiful tartness and balanced sweetness. Keep up the great work and I wish you and your business continued success.
- Harry Ventin, Claymont, DE
Hats off to all of your products!
- Paula Kaochari, Orlando, FL
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of all your products that your company produces. We have recommended your company and products to others because of the satisfaction we have had. We look forward to purchasing more of your items to try!
- Elizabeth Payne, Enterprise, AL
Hi Lakewood, I've been drinking your juices for years. Keep up the good work. Your juices are amazing!
- Gabrielle Marvin, Naples, FL
I wanted to just take a moment of my time to write to you today and tell you how much my family loves your product!! My husband and I go shopping about every 2 weeks and we always love picking up your product! Thank you so much for making a great product that enables my family and I to make great memories at our home.
- Laura Ellis, Peoria, IL
Your Organic Pineapple juice is the best. Thanks for making the best juices available.
- Sean Jonas, Delray Beach, FL
I love your juices and the fact that they're organic is even better! Thanks a bunch!
- Sean Hodge, Monticello, GA
My family and I are in love with your juice! We never knew anything could be so good! We always have to have it and we will be loyal customers for life!
- Hannah Davis, Washington, MI
Hello, I would just like to deliver a message to the people who run this company. I think it's awesome what you are doing, and I hope you guys stay in business forever. To supply all of these products and maintain them to be all organic is quite a lot of effort and I hope you always stay organic. I just wanted to say there are people out there like me that appreciate that. I just wanted to say keep up the good work and that your efforts have not been unnoticed. Believe me, you just got a new customer!
- Jonathan Rahn, State College, PA
I heard about these juices on Dr. Oz. I've tried other brands but Lakewood is the best in my opinion! I will be trying some of the other juices!
- Linda Raimaiaki, Daytona Beach, FL
My husband and I are hooked on your organic pure cranberry juice and order cases through Amazon. Today, the shipment we received included your thank you card and we just want to say thank you for expressing your appreciation to us. That matters. Also, we really appreciate how carefully and environmentally friendly you package the bottles. Your friends, Joy and Chris Chater
- Joy Chater, VA
Hands down, the best blueberry juice ever! We like to mix the organic blueberry with Organic Lemonade, its the yummiest! Thank you for a wonderful juice that I feel great serving my family!
- Kellie Krebs, Liberty, SC
Hi,I just received my first shipment of your pomegranate juice, via amazon.com. I just want to say your packaging is great, each bottle arrived intact, no broken bottles. Fine job on your end.
- Edward Greene, Bridgewater Corners, VT
I am writing about your organic pineapple juice. First off, this juice is wonderful, I love the taste and it's not too sweet. The fact that it is gluten free and Non-GMO is awesome!
- Carolyn Lewis, Reynoldsburg, OH
Simply the best juice in the world. In a day in age of Super Foods green juices etc I find Lakewood juices truly surpass all the current health fads and brings your body back to harmony through nature's gifts...pure organic :) Thank you!
- Rebecca Tickel, Perth, WA
I really love your juices. I've been drinking them for years now and do my best to find the stores that provide them. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful juice. Always smiling while I drink!
- Faith H, FL
I just tried your lemonade for the first time & I'm going back for more! Incredibly delicious, thanks!
- Kay Evans
I bought your pineapple juice for a recipe. When I tasted it I was blown away.So sweet and subtle. I cannot believe it took me 54 years to find this juice! Looking forward to trying your other flavors.
- Gloria Guise, Metairie, LA
I just wanted to share how much my son Evan enjoys your juices. He's an 8 year old boy living in Washington, DC who only drinks water, milk and your pomegranate and pomegranate w/ blueberry juices. He has conservatively drank 3 to 4 bottles a week since he turned 2 and has consumed over a 1,000 bottles by our estimates. He hasn't had an interest yet in drinking soda so we think he will continue to drink it for the foreseeable future. He's definitely a fan of the juices. Thanks!
- Brian Lucas, Washington, DC
I have bought the pomegranate+blueberry juices for several months now. Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work - love the fact that these come in glass bottles and not the filthy plastic ones from other producers.
- Kanwarjeet Chadha, Franklin Park, NJ
My daughter and I have been drinking your juices for about a year now and we are so pleased!
- Elaine Kamerer, Melbourne, FL
I purchased pomegranate juice for my husband. We now are using 3 of your products daily. Thanks, they are the best I've found.
- Donna Matchett, Eaton, CO
Love your products!!! Absolutely going to recommend to friends and family!
- Amber Sieling, Foley, MN
I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your pineapple juice.It is very high quality!
- Gregg Deering, Boynton Beach, FL
I stumbled upon this and I have discovered it's positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & help other users like it has helped me. Good job!
- John, Oakland, VA
Absolutely love your pineapple juice, clearly the best on the market!
- Ray , Putnam, CT
Please share this note with owner and higher levels! I LOVE everything about your juice company! I love that your juice is 100% organic with no preservatives, I love the taste, I Love that you sell in non-toxic glass bottles! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really mean it, Thank you! I'LL KEEP BUYING!
- Niki, Land O' Lakes, FL
Your Lakewood Pure Carrot Juice is a very nice juice. From your choice of glass bottles to the authentic Carrot taste, your products are wonderful! With so much "hype" today with organic products, Lakewood juices really are "the real deal".
- Elaine Weinberg, Brooklyn, NY
Love your fruit punch! Thank you for making it. I loved Hawaiian punch as a kid but haven't had it in decades because of the ingredients. I tasted your fruit punch and it brought back memories of my childhood. Tastes just like Hawaiian punch without the red dye and other bad stuff. Love all your juices actually! Well done!
- Sandy
I went into our Drug Emporium's Vitamins Plus section of store looking for Organic Concord Grape juice. I didn't know which brand to buy, so I bought one from Lakewood Organic and another brand. I will be buying Lakewood from now on. OH SO GOOD! Have gone back for more grape juice and purchased the Cherry juice as well. Oh my goodness, so delicious! Thank you!
- Rachel, Amarillo, TX
Thank you so much for such a great product. My husband and I love your Cherry Juice. I try to have a drink on my way to work every morning. My husband feels so much better when he drinks it too, he makes sure I purchase it when I go to the store. Thanks again for great quality product. I read the other testimonials and we will try the Aloe and others too. Keep up the good work.
- Julius & Pearlnita Mitchell, Lake City, FL
I love your products! We are so grateful to have found these products!! I buy the organic type of black cherry, tart cherry, and blueberry juices. Thank you again!
- Anetta Gillespie, Lakemoor, IL
I have been purchasing Lakewood Organic juices for many years now. And since I recently read that 70% of all apple juice sold in the U.S. comes from China, I am thrilled that Lakewood's organic apple juice is produced from U.S. grown apples. Thank You! I also appreciate that you continue to bottle in glass instead of the cheap plastic that many producers use. Even if one doesn't question the toxicity of the plastic, the juice has a much better flavor coming from a glass bottle. Please don't change this. Thanks from a health and environmentally conscious consumer!
- Nancy Willetts, Ballwin, MO
Needed cherries but can't find out of season so turned to the cherry juice. So good and so glad I found you! I like the grape as well. I shop at Publix and found you there, thank you!
- Ava, Milton, FL
I have a family of 5 and we love your products. The juice has such a great taste and it always satisfy our thirst. Thanks to you!!!
- Curt Davenport, Tallahassee, FL
I just wanted to let your company know that you are doing a awesome job. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you.
- Jason Brandon, Hemet, CA
I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your Relax cold pressed juice. I've tried a few of your other flavors and this is simply incredible. Many days I virtually live on this juice!! Thank you for making this juice!!! PLEASE never stop :)
- Dylan Mantraz, Miami, FL
I want to thank you for being a top notch company. Your product is so delicious! Thank you for sending the Thank you note and for improving your shipping packaging.
- Victor Silva, Tracy, CA
Just a quick thank you for the Lakewood Basics delivery...The shipment arrived on Tues. and since I had already tried Replenish and Relax on a recent family vacation in Ft. Lauderdale. I dug into Rebuild, Refuel, Restore and Reward....WoW!..Reward is like a dessert or a kahlua liqueur, liquid cinnamon roll, or creamer for coffee or hot chocolate....starting every morning and ending every evening with a swig!...Refuel hits the spot around noon with a liquid salad...Rebuild I tried after a workout and beet juice is used by a lot of bicyclist to rebuild and promote faster leg recovery. Restore, I like first thing in morning, mango and orange feels like I get a little bit of Florida Sunshine!!!...hits the spot for a German in Minnesota...Sehr gut!!!...As I mentioned before, the flavor & combinations are incredible. I first start drinking the tart cherry in the quart bottle maybe 10-15 years ago, I didn't recognize the basics concept at first, but I saw the ingredients and I said to myself "I have to try this!!"...Finally the biodynamic approach really makes sense, it really describes the passion, time, effort, care and history for your product...I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy when I was 32 and have become very selective out of necessity with the foods and liquids I consume...so I like to play around and make my own meals etc. I use the tart cherry on roast beef roasts as a marinade and can't wait to experiment with the basics line on fish, chicken and beef too.
- Joe Haeg, Lakeville, MN
I absolutely love your Black Cherry Juice! This is first juice I've tried and would like to try others if I can find them. I was looking for an Unsweetened product and found yours. It is so delightful in flavor and was quite surprised that it tasted better than any other juice I've had in past from other manufacturers! I am first finding benefits of drinking the juice that I didn't know existed until now.
- Margie, Thiensville, WI
I am obsessed with the Pure Organic Cranberry Juice! Cranberries are my absolute favorite and this is the only way I can enjoy cranberries year round since they are only a fall treat! I crave the tart and delicious flavor all day. I will never buy cranberry juice from any other company! Thank you so much Lakewood!
- Alexa Bader
This drink is simply the best ORGANIC drink money can buy. I've tried many other organic juices, and if you've tried many you're aware that you're not paying for what you think is inside. Lakewood PURE blueberry gives you exactly what's in the name. PURE and ORGANIC. Not only are they Non-GMO but you don't have to worry about pesticides ruining the antioxidant power of blueberries because of their naturally thin skin. I drink this with confidence knowing it's equal to squeezing organic blueberries myself. 3 pounds in every bottle for a fraction of the price. Can't beat it. Just have to try it, honestly. It might be higher priced than most other juices but that's because you get what you pay for!
- John Ponstingel
Your juice is AWESOME!! I am hooked on your "Pure Juice Pomegranate", man is it good!! Just wanted to let you know you make a great product, keep up the good work!
- Charles
his has to be THE best company producing THE best juices.... I have tried and ordered most of them but hands down my all time favorite is pineapple juice from fresh pineapples... Absolutely wonderful and the Organic Root blend is amazing. Every juice is such a treat, I can not recommend enough to give justice.
- Lynda Aschauer, Lakeside, AZ