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Who owns Lakewood?

What does Organic mean?

Can you help me purchase a Lakewood product?

Are 100% Pure Fruit & Vegetable Juices gluten and casein free?

What are the different types of Organic Aloe Products that Lakewood offers?

What is Biodynamic?

Are Lakewood juices vegan?

Which quality standards does Lakewood adhere to?

How are Lakewood fruit juices made?

Are all Lakewood juices vacuum-sealed in glass bottles?

Do any of your Lakewood products contain preservatives?

Where can I find a store that carries Lakewood juices?

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What is the shelf life of Lakewood juices?

Once I have opened a bottle, how long will the juice last in the refrigerator?

Does Lakewood use any artificial sweeteners in their juice products?

Are Lakewood organic juices GMO free?

What is the difference between Pure Cranberry and Cranberry Blend?

What does "Best By" mean?

Quality Assurance information - BPA

Acai & Natural Omega Oils

Are All Lakewood Juices Pasteurized?

How much nutrition is lost during pasteurization of fruit and vegetable juices?

Can your Fresh Pressed Pure Aloe juice be frozen in ice cube trays and when ready to use, defrosted to drink?

How do I get a copy of the Lakewood Organic Certificate?

Do any Lakewood Fruit Juices contain Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)?

What are the small particles found at the bottom of Lakewood Organic Pure Concord Grape Juice?

What is an Organic Flavor?

Occasionally some bottles of Lakewood juice will leave a stain on the inside of the bottle. Why does this happen?

Do Lakewood products contain any of the Eight Major Food Allergens?

How much nitrate does a serving of Lakewood Organic Pure Beet provide?

What is the difference between Pure Aloe, Pure Aloe Gel, and Pure Whole Leaf Aloe?
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