A glass of Beet juice is an excellent source of Folate, Manganese and Potassium [MORE]

Carrot Juice contains more carotene (alpha and beta) than any other fruit or vegetable. [MORE]

Drinking cherry juice may relieve occasional sleeplessness and support wakefulness [MORE]

Lakewood's Pure Cranberry Juice awarded BEST FRUIT JUICE [MORE]

Pomegranate - "Nature's Super Fruit" [MORE]

Blueberries -- the amazing Blueberry is a good source of essential micro-nutrients. [MORE]

A serving of fresh orange or grapefruit juice provides a host of nutrients that your immune system needs to stay strong and healthy. [MORE]

Drinking apple juice is credited with many health benefits [MORE]

Pure Aloe contains a wide range of Micro-Nutrients [MORE]

Lakewood Organic Açaí Amazon Berry receives a mention in the Oprah Magazine. [MORE]

Fruits and vegetables come in terrific colors and flavors, but their real beauty lies in what's inside. [MORE]

Lakewood Organic Pina Colada listed as "Juice of Choice" [MORE]

Including juices such as orange and grapefruit as part of a balanced diet is a powerful way to help promote optimum health and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. [MORE]

Lakewood Juices have a "Best By" date... [MORE]

Lakewood Pure Fruit and Lemonade [MORE]

Fruits & Vegetables can help with arthritis pain [MORE]